Twin Cities & St. Croix River Valley, Minnesota & Wisconsin, USA

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Ayurveda Retreats

Held at the Christine Center in Willard, Wisconsin

Nestled in the north woods of Wisconsin, the Christine Center offers nature trails, a sauna, delicious vegetarian meals,
and morning and evening meditation in a serene natural and spiritual setting.

Ayurveda Lifestyle Retreat 
October 6-9, 2019
$200 + food & lodging

Relaxation and Rejuvenation Retreat
January 26-29, 2020
$400 + food & lodging

Natural Wellness on Your Spiritual Path

Ayurveda Consultation and Bodywork in a Natural and Spiritual Setting

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine practice of India that helps us live in health and harmony with nature and the intrinsic laws of the universe. Following Ayurveda's nature-based tenets can thus bring us closer to our own Divine nature. This retreat will cover the basic principles of Ayurveda that can help you better understand your unique constitutional nature and offer opportunities to practice some of the daily lifestyle routines, or Dinacharya, that help us feel healthy, peaceful and strong on our spiritual path. Please bring: a yoga asana mat, meditation cushion, neti pot, tongue scraper, old beach towel, hiking attire and journal. Register at

Relax and detox in nature away from everyday stressors. Receive an Ayurveda Consultation as well as an Abhyanga (warm, dosha-specific herbal oil massage). Attend early morning yoga asana and pranayama classes to start the day refreshed. The Christine Center setting also offers delicious vegetarian meals, nature trails and morning and evening meditation. Participants will complete the Ayurveda intake via Skype with Suzanne prior to the Retreat. To register, email

Panchakarma Retreat
March 15-20, 2020

$1500 + lodging

Seasonal Purification and Rejuvenation

Panchakarma is an ancient system that helps remove ama and excess doshas, normalize digestion and elimination, and increase ojas. It is tailored to the body and mind of the individual. This retreat includes: Ayurveda Intake (completed two months prior to Panchakarma Retreat), instructions before and after the retreat (Purvakarma and Paschatkarma), meals, herbal preparations, and daily two-hour body therapies. Please register by emailing Suzanne at at least two months prior to the date of the Panchakarma.